More Layouts & Sections are coming in future updates!

Divi Layouts & Sections for Divi Theme

Released Version 1.4 New Added Layouts : Coming Soon

divi fullwidth portfolio module carousel section kit

Fullwidth Portfolio Carousel

Total 161 Layout

Divi Testimonial Module Carousel Section Pack

Testimonials Carousel

Total 50 Layout

Divi Blurb Module Carousel Section Pack V1.1

Blurb Carousel

Total 50 Layout

divi blog module carousel section kit

Blog Carousel

Total 10 Layout

divi pricing tables module carousel section kit

Pricing Carousel

Total 10 Layout

Pricing Table Carousel Layouts V2.0

Pricing Carousel V2

New 10 Layout

Divi Image Carousel Popup Layouts

Image Popup Carousel

Total 10 Layout

divi person module carousel section kit

Team Carousel

Total 10 Layout

Minimal Divi Portfolio Carousel Sections Pack

Projects Carousel

Total 10 Layout

Divi Regular Sections02
Divi Timeline Section Pack

Timeline History Kit

Total 173 Layout

Ultimate Divi Filterable Portfolio Module Bundle

Filter Projects Sections

Total 20 Layout

Advanced Divi Button Designs

Button Designs

Total 520 Layout
divi blog module grid section kit

Blog Grid

Total 10 Layout
divi team grid section kit

Team Grid

Total 10 Layout
divi pricing tables module grid section kit

Pricing Grid

Total 40 Layout

divi services section kit

Services Section

Total 10 Layout

Divi contact us section layout kit

Contact Grid

Total 106 Layout
Divi Testimonial Module Grid Section Kit

Reviews Grid

Total 20 Layout
Creative team Layout Kit

Team Section Kit

Total 10 Layout
divi tabs module section kit

Tabs UI Kit

Total 214 Layout

Divi Testimonial Timeline Kit

Reviews Timeline Kit

Total 10 Layout
Divi number counter module section kit

Counter Grid

Total 40 Layout
Ultimate Divi Portfolio Module Section Bundle

Projects Grid Sections

Total 10 Layout
Creative Divi Team Section Bundle 2

Team Sections V2

Total 10 Layout
Ultimate Divi Blurb Module Designs Bundle

Divi Blurb Designs

Total 105 Layout
Divi Creative Services Section Bundle

Services Sections V2

Total 10 Layout
Ultimate Fullwidth Slider Section Bundle For Divi

Slider Sections

Total 10 Layout
About Us Section Divi Bundle

About Us Section

Total 10 Layout
Advanced Hover Effects Feature

Hover Effect Sections

Total 130 Layout

Gym Trainers Team Section Web Pack

Gym Trainer Sections

Total 10 Layout
Gym Services Section Divi Layouts

Gym Services Sections

Total 10 Layout
Ultimate Contact Form Sections For Divi

Contact Form Sections

Total 10 Layout
Ultimate Team List Divi Sections Bundle

Team List Sections

Total 10 Layout
Ultimate Why Choose Us Sections For Divi

Why Choose Us Sections

Total 10 Layout
Flat Vertical Timeline For Team Members Layouts

Team Timeline Sections

Total 10 Layout
Theme Builder Layout03
Divi Menu Module Design Layouts

Menu Designs Bundle

Total 20 Layout

Divi Footer Layouts Bundle V-1.0

Divi Footer Layouts

Total 10 Layout
Headers Layout Bundle For Divi

Headers Layouts

Total 10 Layout
Headers With Modal Popup Overlay Layouts For Divi

Headers With Modal Popup

Total 05 Layout
Divi pricing tables toggle layout kit

Pricing Toggle

Total 03 Layout
Advanced Tabs Horizontal Divi Sections

Advanced Divi Tabs

Total 07 Layout
Divi featured tabs layout kit

Custom Tabs

Total 03 Layout
Divi Layouts04